About us

Ekobiopol was established in 2014. In its original activity it dealt with international trade between Poland and African countries.
Our team includes creative, open-minded people, full of smiles, joyful, cheerful and not afraid of challenges. Two years ago we decided to look for a new business alternative. After several years of hard work we created the GoDISCO brand. We gained a partner for our company, Mr. Mariusz Lasota, who is passionate about new challenges. Thanks to this, the GoDISCO brand enters the market.
The GoDisco brand is owned by Ekobiopol Sp. z o.o. The trademark is registered in the Patent Office.
We currently manufacture and sell energy drinks. We were the first to introduce the classic flavour to the market. Our brand is a global brand, which we address to a wide range of customers. Created for all those who love dance, music and exude joy.

GoDISCO production video

See how we produce the GoDISCO energy drink in our company.