The GoDISCO brand story

The story may seem trivial, however it is true. Sometime in 2018, I was talking to my partner in Nigeria about starting an energy drink production. That’s when I heard from him that it was a great idea. At first I was thinking of a name, but unfortunately nothing came to mind. One night I had a dream in which I was in a disco with many people of different nationalities dancing around me, and I was holding and drinking an energy drink called GoDISCO. When I woke up I felt genuinely tired and sweaty from this dance, but at the same time very happy. I did a quick analysis and took action. I developed a logo, a label and a flavour for the drink, which I developed over two years to get the one I remembered from the dream. In addition I developed three more flavours: strawberry, forest fruit and apple, the latter based on the taste of apples in the 1980s.
This is how the GoDISCO brand was created. It is dedicated to all those who love dance and music. The creator of the name, logo and flavours is Mr Jerzy Skrodziuk.

First of all, we focus on quality. Our GoDISCO brand is an exclusive Polish brand with global reach. It is a brand for the 21st century.
Our products are of the highest quality, as they are constantly controlled in the quality control laboratory.
Energy drinks will be produced in four flavours: classic, strawberry, forest fruit and apple. Their recipes are unique. Flavours are exclusive, delicate, exquisite and pleasant to the palate. They will satisfy the most demanding customers. They regenerate the body and stimulate the mind.
GoDISCO is not only drinks but also new trends in fashion.
Our clothing and footwear are dedicated to different music and dance styles. We dress you in premium brand clothing and footwear. We care about your comfort and well-being.
Satisfaction of our customers is our satisfaction.

GoDISCO advertising film

See the advertisement for the GoDISCO energy drink.